What is a Company Secretary course?

ICSI course is for aspirants who wish to become company secretaries in India and abroad. Company secretaries aid in filing, registering, presenting, attesting or verifying any documents (including forms, applications and returns) by or on behalf of the company, a share transfer agent, an issue house, a secretarial auditor or consultant. They can act as an advisor to a company on management including any legal or procedural matters .

Course Structure

  • The student who would like to join the Course after 10+2 pass or equivalent has to undergo three stages to pursue the Company Secretaries Course i.e.  Foundation Program , Executive Program, Professional Program
  • The Student who would like to join the Course after passing the Graduation has to undergo two stages of the Company Secretaryship i.e. Executive Program, Professional Program
  • Foundation Program can be pursued by 10+2 pass or equivalent students of Arts, Science or Commerce stream (Excluding Fine Arts)
  • Executive Program can be pursued by a Graduate of all streams except Fine Arts.
  • Professional Program can be pursued only after clearing the Executive Program of CS Course


we shall be covering the benefits of being a CS.


High Professional Profile

A Company secretary holds a very esteemed and respectable position in a company. Even the board of directors is required to follow the advice of CS and take his opinion on matters before taking any big corporate decisions. CS needs to draft all the resolutions even for acquiring funds or selling shares. No other employee in a corporate world has power and voice like a CS. This makes a CS different from the rest of the team and easily gets categorized under a high professional profile.

Less Stress

CS indeed has to abide by all the deadlines relating to company filings in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) portal. Apart from that, there is no stress related to reports, targets, and so on. This gives the CS ample time to keep updated on his professional circulars and important amendments that aid in career excellence. There is a good work-life balance for a company secretary as compared to other professionals.

No Age Restriction

This course can be pursued by any candidate, provided he/she has completed +2 exams. There is no specific age limit for this course, unlike the bank exams. Hence this profession gives opportunities to people falling under different age groups.

Lesser Paperwork

There has been a misconception regarding this profession that a CS job will be in and around a huge heap of papers similar to Advocates. However, that’s not the case. Nowadays due to technology enhancement, all the documents are in electronic mode and signatures and forms are digital. Hence there is less paperwork

One among the top management

As detailed earlier, a CS is one point contact of all top personnel in a corporation. He /she is always approached for advice and involved in all important meetings of the corporation. CS is one such position that is counted in top management. This gives the professional higher job satisfaction and acceptance which is very unique to this profession.

High Package

This profession offers lucrative packages ranging from 8 -12 lakhs per annum for beginners and a much higher range for experienced CS. In addition to this mind-blowing package, this profession provides value, respect, power, and acceptance to an individual in society as well as in the corporate he/ she works in.


CS is highly independent both in the corporate world as well in his professional practice. There is less involvement of any external team members. Hence, CS has the power to make decisions and inform the management. Unlike other employees in various departments, CS is free from the follow-ups on approvals, waiting time for permissions, and can act without any fear.

CS course is one of the excellent courses to pursue. Any candidate who likes to work independently and has the confidence to crack the CS exams can join this course which he/she will never regret later.

A company secretary acts as a channel between the Board of Directors and the company. As a result, he has crucial responsibilities. Communicating with stakeholders is also a major part of their role. The Company secretary holds a valuable position in an organization. However, some also choose to work independently and self-practice. A company secretary takes care of all the policies and practices in an organization in order to ensure the organization’s legal and financial acceptance. He has to be an expert in corporate laws and governance.

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